Did you spend all that money redesigning your company website so it could die of loneliness?

Have you ever gone weeks and weeks without changing a thing on your home page?

I have. (Ever heard of the shoemaker’s children going barefoot?)

It’s hard to remember to post new content to your own site regularly. (Oddly, it’s much easier to keep someone else’s site fresh.)

Especially if making web changes costs you money. (It shouldn’t.)

It’s a discipline, like working out. But it’s also customer service.

That’s right.

Changing up your website on a regular basis – ideally with useful information, but even just random stuff you think will brighten someone’s day – is customer service.

It’s helping. It’s informing. It’s letting people know you’re there when they need you.

And now there’s a really fun and highly effective way to do it:

Turn your site into an online TV channel!

I dare you NOT to watch these videos  – videos I’ve done for clients just like you – over the last several months.